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cheap jordans Jordan is a living legend, a living god. His decision to kill 28 times , two dunk contest champion, scoring 10 , 5 mvp, six championship rings , everything , as the head of the Great aura indeed dazzling brilliance , but he is great, never exaggerated just because a bunch of records and data . cheap jordans online These can only make him a superman , but step on the altar , is not so simple digital can do.

I contacted the NBA late late , late of the world has no Jordan , no trapeze , without the elegant dunk , no noble back, no artistic breakthrough, there is no hint of that indomitable passion for four red shot 23 . cheap jordan shoes I see nothing restrained only Carter domineering , only reluctantly called on Smart answers breakthrough and the shape of the gods non Bryant . cheap real jordans I do not know the Bulls dynasty , superficial , as the Lakers made ​​three consecutive dynasty , the Lakers have OK , at the time of my eyes , no doubt is synonymous with basketball art. Over time, from television , from magazines, between the lines , revealing the emotion is worse than before , I am confused , cheap retro jordans do not show in front of me , not the highest level of basketball. I started looking , open dusty history, I saw a strange name and a section of a legend , the original basketball is not just ok, Kevin Garnett , Tim Duncan , the answer is , cheap jordans for sale T-mac and others before them, there is a many more great legend , NBA signs Jerry West , basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain percentage emperor , Lord of the Rings Russell 's 8 consecutive years and 11 championship rings , cheap jordans free shipping Kareem Abdul-Jabbar no man has gone before and after but not to those days hook , the first generation of trapeze Dr. J, the Dream Olajuwon dream dance , black and white duo Magic Johnson and Larry bird . Butterfield , finally , jordans for cheap there is a such a person, trapeze ---- Michael Jordan , or that the basketball gods .

I think about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan who is the stronger of the dispute , so that I may be more qualified to speak, Joe honey who came from the Jordan era , and it is difficult to accept psychologically Bryant . cheap jordans I do not like because I Lakers because ok like NBA, to me, Kobe is once unshakable NO.1, to be exact , I was " Slam Dunk " like basketball , because like basketball like Kobe Bryant, cheap jordan shoes because like Bryant NBA, NBA and the like because I like Michael Jordan, then put him into the hearts of the most sacred and untouchable place . cheap jordan shoes online Biggest regret of my life that never saw the dance on the altar of Jordan , did not accompany him step by step experienced Gods , only to find in the film from the past once the laughter and tears , success and failure , looking at that figure flying in my eyes gradually blurred , as the water flows out of the corner of Telok tear my heart .

First met Jordan in NBA history on a documentary film , cheap jordans online when I heard about his first words sentence narration : "If then God sent to earth Chamberlain basketball messenger , then Jordan is wearing jersey No. 23 Chicago Bulls God himself . " of course , later , I know this phrase from another great player Bo too . cheap jordan shoes for sale This sentence gave me a tremendous shock, I never heard of any one person in any one area can deserve such praise , even as the great Muhammad Ali , Diego Maradona . What kind of a person, people can issue such a sigh ? cheap authentic jordans I looked down , and what is in front of me ? That free-throw line dunk off a classic , called the art of basketball , not a basketball , the best most perfect interpretation of my mind , surfaced this assessment. Must say , cheap air jordan 7 retro hare I told him , " love at first sight " was. Yes, Jordan is a player , others another , only he , cheap air jordan 12 retro taxi 2013 to borrow fully understand basketball dad once saw Jordan highlights occasionally say: "Who is he , he plays beautiful, it is not just sports he seemed to dance in the air , this is simply the art ! " at that moment , cheap air jordans I was moved to cry , Dad tell my feelings about Michael Jordan 's game . Art, only he will become the art of basketball . I do not want to talk about data , about Bryant , about Jordan , data logging , is to break people , there is no doubt that Kobe can get 81 points , cheap air jordan shoes it may be more than Chamberlain , yes, Jordan's data will one day was 11 broken, someone will exceed his game , but still no one would shake his position , for basketball, rather than basketball skills , he is the eternal God . cheap air jordan 11 legend blue Jordan's charisma, basketball morality and wisdom , understanding and control of the game , is unmatched.

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